Sunday, June 27, 2010


First weekend alone in Denver! I would love to say that I went sight seeing, checked out all the roadways, and met some cool people.... but no. Not so much. I spent most of the weekend right here on this couch watching and surfing the web. And by surfing the web, I mean checking my email and Facebook 9,351 times.
Friday night, I did go out with Jackie to a bar down the street from her apartment. Don't ask what it's called because I can't pronounce it, nor can I spell it. BOY were there some characters in there! First off, in the parking lot, we find the drunk birthday girl.
"I'm hammered! Whoooo!", she says. I'm hoping she is just 21 because that's the way she was acting. This girl was all sorts of dressed up, but looked like she just walked out of Walmart, if you catch my drift. I thought her boobs were going to pop out of her dress with all the bouncing she did.
Inside there were more.
There was a little short girl that looked like a blonde Crystal Gayle in high hills. There was even a dude that walked in with a real mullet. On purpose. Also a dude with a shirt that looked like the bathrooms wallpaper. I was going to hang a picture on him, so confused.
What we also found was some black white folks. Lots of those. Crooked hats, big gold chains, and ridiculously sagging pants. I felt old.
Saturday, didn't do much but hit up the treadmill and get a haircut. And then, back to the couch. I was GOING to head downtown for a little fun, but decided that Thirsty's was a better place for me and went there by myself. It was pretty crowded but I did find my spot at the bar and had a good time. Noticed that they sold tshirts..... uh oh. Damn right, I'm getting one. Or three.
Today was more of the same: treadmill and the couch. Going to pick up Natalie later so tonight is done, too.
I will say this: I know I talk a lot of shit about being home (Texas) a lot. I know I used to think that I could move away and not think twice about it. But being up here for a month now, I'm pretty sure that is not in my cards. I was pretty homesick this weekend. Probably because I was by myself, but either way, I wanted to go to Mac's instead of Thirsty's. I wanted to hang out with Bryan and Jered instead of "Lenny" and "Melissa". I wanted to go home and sleep on my own couch instead of the one here. Ha. But what can ya do. Gotta do work, son! Time to grow up. Just wish I wasn't doing it away from all my folks.
This week should fly because of all the work that is to be done. I'll be home this weekend for the Fouth. Should be DAMN good times so I'll keep you posted. As soon as I get up off the couch.

Until next time....

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