Thursday, June 17, 2010

Found Jack!

Today was a "good" day at work, if you could call it that. We got further today than we did the last two weeks, which is good, but MAN am I exhausted. Which is why I had to drink tonight... just saying.
Met Sylvia and her husband, Mike, at a place called CB & Potts. Equivalent to Humperdinks, it was not too shabby at all. Except for the waiter. He was pretty inattentive, but all in all, he wasn't THAT bad, I guess. Lakers won... yay.... but otherwise, a pretty good time. Jason, Mike, and I took a shot. That's what we do, I guess. Ate some ribs, which I RARELY do in public just because it gets all messy and with my big Jewish nose, there is bound to be some barbecue sauce on there still now. NOT like last night, though.
Last night, the crew and I went to an Italian restaurant downtown called Maggiano's. VERY good food, but it was family portions. And with 7 people, we STILL couldn't finish it. I left there feeling like I had eaten a small Italian family and topped it off with Tiramisu. Wanted to go out, but there is no way I could've gone anywhere without coming home and exploding first.
FOUND JACK IN THE BOX! Well... didn't really FIND it, but I know where it is. And it isn't far! Thanks to Erin for telling me where it is (because she read my blog... ALREADY!), she called and told me where to find it. It's like finding a dollar - you can't really do anything with it... UNTIL YOU GO TO JACK IN THE BOX and then you can get two tacos. Just saying.
Going home this weekend, but it's a busy one. I got shit planned pretty much every minute I'm there. That's good, though. I won't be at the apt much, but hopefully I can get SOME shit done there so that when I finally do go home for a longer period of time (maybe next July sometime), it will be complete. And probably get drunk in the mean time. Don't judge me.

Until next time....

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