Thursday, June 3, 2010

June 3, 2010

Another almost sleepless night, but that's ok. Got more sleep than I have the last couple of days. What can ya do...
Work was busy. Had several calls, several papers to go through, and a taco for lunch. Not too shabby.
Had dinner with Natalie at Jimmie John's. I only ate half, because my head was not in it. It's Thursday. My head was already in it's 3rd beer.
After I dropped her back off at the apartment, I HAD to find a bar. There was just no if, and, or buts about it. I am not used to this being in bed by 10pm thing. And It's THURSDAY, damnit! Don't judge me. On the way to dinner, we passed a little hole-in-the-wall called Thirstys. My kind of place, right.... not so much.
Walked in and they checked my id. Cool. Wanted so bad to sit at the bar, since I was alone, but it was COMPLETELY full of people that should have been in Maypearl, TX. (No offense, Donnie). Walked to the bar and order one whiskey 7. Snaggle tooth at the bar looks at my bracelet and compliments me. Cool. And then she goes into why she doesn't wear bracelets. And keeps going. And going. I realize I am barely smiling, "listening" so I grab my drink and head for a tv. Sit there and realize how much I FUCKING miss Mac's. I could use the strange ones that go there to talk shit to Jennifer or Autumn. As much as I want to punch them sometimes when I'm there, I miss it now. Because with all these white folks in this place, I'm afraid I'm about to get hired to mow a lawn.
Leave Thirstys and meet up with an old friend I haven't seen in years. She happens to live down the street from my apt. Have a few at Buffalo Wild Wings and try to head home. Note: I said "try".
Get about 3 miles away from her house and get stopped by a train. Not just any old train, but the jack ass of ALL trains. It's barely even started when I get there and I am 4 cars back. It slows... of course. Stops. Goes forward a little. Stops. Backs up. Stops. Goes forward again. Stops. Backs up. Goes forward halfway through the motherf'ing train. STOPS. And backs up. By this time, I want to shit down Mr. Union Pacific's throat. FORTY MINUTES, I sit and watch this ass hole back up and pull forward. Has to be a chinese person. It doesn't help that the only stations on the radio playing any music, in the retarded kids bus I'm driving, were Delilah, and one of the 2 mexican stations Denver has. There is so much "love someone tonight" I can take.
But... I finally get back, pimp park the short bus, and now I'm up in the apt paying bills and about to watch whatever comes up on Youtube. Or porn. Whatever pops up first. (Hey-O!) Whatcanyado.

Until next time....

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