Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Class Act

Last night, most of the team and I went to Boulder for dinner. Hit traffic on the way in, of course, but headed for Pearl Street to find something to do. Jason and I were in search of tshirts from a bar - classy, right? Ended up buying some from a place called the Lazy Dog. JUST because the back of it says, "Eat. Drink. Be Lazy". That's my kind of motto.
Went to dinner at The Med, which was pretty cool. Had a Coors Original (classy) and at what I THOUGHT was just penne pasta and sauce. Found out later there was cheese in them there pastas. Oops. Not as bad as I thought, but yea... felt it.
Jason and I went to another bar because he wanted another shirt. Sundown Saloon is my kind of place EXCEPT when I ordered a Bud Light, the bartender spilt it on me. Cool. So I had to walk around with a big beer spot on my shirt, holding two other shirts from another bar, and holding one in my hand (classy).
As we were walking down Pearl, a random homeless dude walked to me and handed me a pine cone and said, "This is for you". How sweet, right? Not weired at all. I felt bad if I just threw it down there so I carried it down the street and threw it at a tree (classy). Figured it wanted to go back home.
FURTHER down the street, we were walking behind this dude that had stopped to look at his phone and "accidentally" farted as we were walking up (classy). And then he makes this sound like, "oops!" like that nigga didn't know it was coming. Really? I don't know about you, but I know when it's coming. And I don't let it go while two dudes are walking up. Ass.
Today, Jason is staying at the apt with me while Natalie is in DC. We had PLANNED on going out and getting hammered since we finally could without driving all over the place. What's up, Thirsty's (classy). Instead, we grab a quick dinner, Jason falls asleep on the couch, and I go for a run. Ended up just watching Alice in Wonderland and calling it a night. That's not gay, is it?
I think I've had it up to here (head) with Facebook and the RIDICULOUS dependence people have on it. If I un"tag" myself from a photo YOU took, don't get mad: it's Facebook. If I don't post a "like" to what stupid activity you're doing at the moment since I DIDN'T post on the one you posted 5 minutes ago, don't get mad: It's Facebook. I have been losing friends daily. But seriously, I have 500+ friends. If I don't know which friend I lost, IT DOESN'T MATTER TO ME: it's Facebook. I don't give a shit about your "crops", I don't give a shit about how many coins you need to complete your pirates chest, I don't give a shit about if you need to "attack a paramilitary police force" - I don't even know what that means! IT'S FACEBOOK. It's an internet site that provides a reason to be nosey.

AND to promote when I'm going to have a party.

So don't delete me. And comment on my status. They're pretty classy. I'm serious.

Until next time...

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  1. "I don't know about you, but I know when it's coming. And I don't let it go while two dudes are walking up."

    I don't mean to be captain cliche but seriously, that's what she said.