Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well well (black preacher voice)

Apparently, Germany was played in the World Cup on Friday. The only reason I know is because my roommate is German and was up at 5:30am to watch. I "just happened" to wake up at 4:30am and couldn't go back to sleep. Around "game" time, I hear Natalie get up and turn the tv on. For 90 minutes, I she is ALL about this game. Either she's fending off intruder's in our apartment or she is REALLY into this game. Grunts and stomps and all sorts of fanatic noises. Walked out later and she is standing BEHIND a chair in the living room, I guess, because she can't even stand to sit and watch. That's support, right there! I get it.

Just not for soccer.

Anyway, they lose and I'm glad she was working from home that day because I know it would have been hell for her to be in the office. (And for us, too.)

Saw a Kevin Hart at Arlington Improv on Friday night. Good times. Started drinking around 7:30pm and the show didn't start until 11:45pm. Oops. You all know my laugh. Like, I'm pretty sure I can laugh here in Denver and you'd hear me in Dallas. I get it. Which is why I didn't want to sit too close to the stage because my shit tends to be called out from time to time. Luckily, my man B acted a fool and nobody paid attention to me. Ha. It was awesome.
Saturday was supposed to be busy, but ended up being me and B just hanging out all day. He ate at the Green Cactus Tex Mex restaurant in Mesquite (scary) and I just drank my water in peace. I know Mexicans. And this was not one of them. Just saying.
Watched Wicked with some cool folks and then headed to my home, Mac's Tavern afterward. Hung out with more cool folks and finally hit the pillow. I think I had all of 5 hours of sleep since Thursday.

Came into Denver on the ROUGHEST ride I've ever been on. To the point to where I thought to myself, "If I die right now, I'm gonna be super pissed." But made it here and had a Sunday Funday with Jason. Let's just say $4 Jager is a good thing. Our waitress's name was Cinnamon.....

Either she's a whore or her mother was. I'm not judging... just saying.

Home now, getting ready for a ridiculously busy week. Gotta get this airline going and going well. I'm about to attack this shit like Al Queda....

Wow. Too soon?

Until next time....

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