Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6, 2010

Got up way too early today. How does one go to bed at 2am and then get up at 7:30am and can't go back to sleep.... well....
Actually went to the apartment gym again today. Go me. Got on the treadmill for about an hour and a half. Go me. Sweating like Michael Jackson at a weenie roast.
After a shower and little Hulu action, Natalie and I went to the mall. Just so I can walk somemore? Bought a couple of shirts and some pants and sat and waited for Natalie to be done. Which gave me AMPLE time to do one of my favorite things: people watch. Noticed that this mall isn't for broke folks. You can't fall into the Gap at this place. Which means the people in this place were DOUCHE bags. With a captial DOUCHE.
Exibit A: Popped collars.
I'm not sure who brought this back from 1987, but they should be shot and skinned. Only one douche bag with his collar popped, I saw, but boy was it POPPED! That shit look like it was pressed and starched to cover his ears. No need for that. Seriously. Go home.
Exibit B: Sunglasses indoors.
Didn't realize that inside Express was SO bright, that you have to wear your sunglasses to hide from the light fixtures. You ain't foolin' nobody, man... I can see right through your sunglasses to your douchebaggery. Go home.
Exibit C: Flexing your bicep in public.
I couldn't hear the conversation on this one. All I know is that this dude was trying to talk to some chick and he pulled up his right short sleeve and flexed his muscle. I don't care WHAT you're talking about over there. There is NEVER a reason to do that shit in public unless you're in the Olympics or your name is Sylvester Stallone. Go home.
After the mall, went to Denver's Chalk Art Festival, which was pretty awesome. Very cool projects. Ridiculous talent. Made me so jealous, I just wanted to break out the waterhose. But I didn't.
Tomorrow starts another week at work until I get to go home for the 80's party at Mac's Tavern. Should be good times. Hope I can find something to wear.
Who am I kidding. I still have clothes I wore back then I still wear today. Hence the mall trip.

Until next time...

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