Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 5, 2010

My first weekend here.
Woke up this morning, in DIRE need of a haircut. Got it done and found a church in the same plaza next to a liquor store.... ok? Let's just be clear on something. This place has an abundance of three things: cows, liquor stores, and Subway restaurants. Since Discount Liquor has to be somewhere, I guess it's "best" next to a church... not so much.
Came back to the apt and walked for a bit to get my "exercise"in. Good times.
Today we went to Estes Park to check out the Stanley Hotel. Which, if you don't know (you should be ashamed) is the inspiration for Stephen King's, The Shining. STUPID excited about this. The tour was awesome. Showed us the many rooms that Ghost Hunters showed on their special. Which made me like it even more. Took loads of pictures, TRYING to capture anything but didn't. The tour guide was ok, she was just a little young and WAY into her job a little too much for me. At one point, she tried to say that a little kid ghost was around her feet... really? Come on, now. You're talking to a fanatic here. I'm no dummy, dummy. Took the picture anyway, just to say I did it. Nothing there. Imagine that.
Walked around Estes Park and realized why I will never, EVER have kids. Sylvia took her son with us today, which is a really cool kid, but just made me all the more aware of why I don't have any and never will. It was funny, though, that when we got home and took awhile to get out of the van, he yells out, "I HAVE TO POOP!!". Haha. That's pretty tripped out.
I do have to say that my smoking has significantly cut done since I've been here. You can't smoke anywhere inside here and I'm too lazy to go outside so it's just a couple a night now. Not a bad thing.
Hung out with Jackie tonight at Baker Street in Denver. As I was pulling in, I realized people staring at me as I was driving by. Almost got upset until I realized they were wondering why Skychefs was cruising through the parking lot.... ooops.
Good times with her. Talked awhile, made fun of drunk folks, and made it home before I got in trouble with a company vehicle.
Home now, waiting on a couple of text responses. Yea... I know. I'm an idiot.

Until next time....

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