Friday, June 4, 2010

June 4, 2010

Today was not too shabby. Work was work. Drove home and realize, I have not seen a Jack in the Box all week. Ain't that a.... if I want drunk tacos, where the hell am I supposed to go?? That's just unheard of.
Got home and Natalie and I decide to go to Black Eyed Pea because she's never been. And man... what a mistake. I swear, you needed your AARP card just to get in the door. So many old people, I thought I was visiting a nursing home. It got to the point where a woman walking with a cain was helping her husband out the door. Now... wait.... if you need a woman with a motherf'ing CAIN to help YOU walk out the door.... nigga, just give up. Seriously. It's time to go.
Left BEP, and on the way out, saw some gangstas trying to pimp their ride. Only their "ride" was a neon green VW bug.
A bug.
You can NOT ever in life pimp a neon gree VW bug. You can be a 19 year old in 1975 and STILL not pimp a neon green VW bug. Someone told this fool wrong. He ain't got no friends.
So after watching the first half of Naked Gun: Police Squad, I decided I did NOT want to sit at home on a Friday night so I went back to Thirstys for some karaoke. Yea, yea, I know... big surprise. I sit alone at a table when a girl walks in, orders a drink, and sits by herself. Can't really see her face, but I she's alright. Her name is Wendy and it's her turn to sing.... oops. She should have sat back down. Almost.... almost there, but wow. Not at all.
Don't judge me. I'm a karaoke dj. I'm supposed to judge.
She sang, "When You Say Nothing At All". Which used to be a good song. Until her lyrics turned to, "...if I ever I fall, you say it best" which I'm pretty damn sure ARE NOT the words.
Later on, she ended up coming and talking to me because she sang another song and I was the only nigga in the room that clapped for her. Get what you get, I guess.
What made my night, though, were the 8 white folks in the bar that thought it was a good idea to get up and start dancing.
I told you, white people are funny.
I have never wanted to laugh so hard in my LIFE, but couldn't. Since I was alone, they would have KNOWN what I was laughing at. It was like watching a retard trying to catch a fly. You know it just ain't gonna happen.
Home now, and ready for the bed. Going to visit the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. Let's see if I can catch a ghost.

Until next time....

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