Monday, June 14, 2010

Got your 80's in my pants

The 80's were about 30 years ago.... and we brought them back in FULL effect on Saturday night. Ha. AWESOME time! Put on my slap bracelet, tight rolled my jeans, and looked fat as HELL in my tucked in white shirt and vest.
Seriously, can't be DJ Sweatervest without a vest. I know own about 4 that I don't think I'll ever wear again. But I'm glad I own them...
Lot's of folks showed up, had a GREAT celebration for Jered and Josh's bdays, and got pretty hammered. It's been awhile so I think I deserved it? Sure. Why not.
VERY nice to see some folks I haven't seen in awhile. Even if it has only been about 2 weeks, I really miss my folks down there. And Mac's is home, man! I freaking love that place. Ain't nothing like it.
The flight back was weird. I didn't sleep much at ALL Saturday night (for reasons I'll leave be) and was still pretty hammered on Sunday. Something was stupid with the airline so we didn't get our seat assignments until we got to the gate. Ended up in the VERY last row. Next to a hot chick, but there was a little child on the other side of her so that's where her attention was. Except.... except when I was falling asleep and I kinda sorta fell towards her seat in my slumber.... yup.... good impressions. Go me.

Jason came up this week to work with us up here so it's been cool. Took him to Thirsty's yesterday and it was like being back at the Stumble Inn without the bad jokes and biker folks. Plenty of white folks to go around, just no biker folks. Played some pool, drank some alcohol, and was back home by 11pm. Like I said: we're responsible alcoholics. Still in the company van so I am not about to trip.
Speaking of the company vehicle, for dinner that night, Natalie and I took Jason to a place up I-25 called Rock Bottom Brewery. Because of my gay ass expired ID (yes, the renewal is on the way but I haven't received it yet), they wouldn't serve me beer so we had to go next door to the Cheeky Monk. The only think I can think of when I say that is "Hi moy name is Soyman. And I loyk to do drawrings...." Old SNL is awesome. Anyway, on the way back we realized the the back seat to Big Bertha was REALLY secure to the bottom of the floor.... so we hit a bump. And all I see in the rearview mirror is Jason flying through the air and hitting his head on the roof. I almost had to pull over, I was laughing so hard. The van is so freaking big to begin with, and Jason's head is so over-sized, that he was just bouncing away. Looked like a bobble head. Tripped out! Nat thought it was a little too dangerous for that to happen so we got to change the van out for a smaller model. Rolling in style in a Dodge, baby! Still have the tape deck, but it also comes with a cd player. Whatcanyado...

Having this fool up here is good AND very bad. We were sitting in a meeting this afternoon with the team and the words, "you have to take out your package..." came out of her mouth.


So if you know Jason and I, we are like 13 year old boys in grown ass men bodies. And I KNEW he would laugh so I tried not to look at him. Caught a glimpse of his head falling and that was it for me. Laughed even harder because I was trying to hold it in. This fool is going to get me in trouble. But I freaking love it. Don't get to make those jokes up here so I'm glad he's here.
At dinner, the words were, "that's a huge jalapeno".

That's what she said.

Anywho, trying not to get into too much trouble. But he's here next week and the girls are out to a conference on Wed. So he's staying at the apt with me. We'll see how well Thur and Fri morning go. I'll keep you posted.

Still no Jack in the Box. I guess Jack don't like prairie dogs, Subway, and liquor stores.

Until next time...

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