Sunday, May 29, 2011

Too Fly For Mumbai

Just flew into India and boy are my arms tired!

So here I am in my hotel room in Powai, India - a suburb of Mumbai. The room isn't that bad, just a little different. There is a refrigerator and a stove and whatnot so that's good. The only odd thing is there is a sprayer in the bathroom next to the toilet.... that I can only imagine what it's for and how many people have used it before me... and how much I AM NOT going to even try to turn it on. The shower is pretty nice except for the fact that it is a glass door and the mirror is on the other side. I'm not sure if you have ever seen me take a shower, but it ain't pretty. Makes me want to cry on the inside a little.

The flight here was pretty nice. I got to ride Business Class. The seats reclined, got to watch how ever many different kind of movies I wanted, free drinks, and a SHIT ton of free food (provided by LSG Skychefs, thank you very much...). From DFW to Frankfurt was 8 hrs and 45 minutes. You KNOW a brotha can't sit still for more than 20 minutes so of course I got REALLY restless. Had to drink more before I started screaming. Didn't sleep much because the time difference messed me all up. When we landed in FRA, it was 9am. Oops... kinda missed the "sleeping through the night" thing. After a 4 hour layover, boarded for the big flight to Mumbai.
This is when it got scary...
I had NO idea what time it was in Frankfurt so keeping up with departure times was weird. As I sat in the waiting area, I started to realize that hey... you're going to India. And so are all these people. When they finally called us to board, I got a little to close and personal with some of these fools that LOVED to push and shove. I was about to beat this old dude's ass for trying to get up on me. And HAIRY!! Geez - this one nigga had more hair coming out of his ears than he did in his mustache. All these sweaty niggas trying to squeeze through this one little spot wasn't good nor did it smell that way. Just saying.
And of course the smelliest one was my seat partner on the plane. Nice guy, but not so nice smelling. I wanted to break out my cologne and start spraying myself just to help out, but I thought that would be rude and since I had to spend the next 8 hours with him, I figured I'd better be cool.
Finally landed in Mumbai around 1am. And the smell... oh boy. First impressions were it smelled like 1976. You know how you can stay in an old hotel and it still smells like someone should be walking around with an afro and a dashiki? Yea. Like that.
And then the smell of spice. To where it smells like someone should be cooking somewhere, you just can't really find the kitchen. But somewhere, all over the country, someone is cooking some spicy shit.
And then... sweat. Holy heat wave all year. The average temperature is around 84 degrees. That's ALL day. It don't get better when the sun goes down, it just gets less bright. Which means that without central AC ANYWHERE, these fools HAVE to be hot.

Finally after almost getting into a shoving match with the entire passenger count of the flight at the baggage claim, I believe I finally left the airport around 2:30am. Got into the van for the hotel and headed down the most horrifying ride ever. This beats riding back with Buckley from Houston. No street signs, no street lines, just a bunch of cars trying to get somewhere. As we drove down the street, I noticed that there were seriously about 732 stray dogs just chilling on the sides of the roads - who all looked like they were breed from the same mutt. Different colors, but GEEZ that bitch was a whore.

Unpacked, drank a beer, and took an Ambien. Guess that was a bad idea to do at 4:30am because I didn't wake up until 2pm. Got dressed and met Scott at the bar for a drink. We then took another ride to the market (thank the Lord we aren't driving here - nigga can't handle that pressure) and bought a bottle of Jack so I don't have to leave ever again. Day one is over now, just waiting for my room service and drinking some Jack.

This time difference things is tripping me out. Talked to B last night on my way here and he was just chillin because it was Saturday afternoon. What? I guess I have enough time to get used to it. Start the new schedule tomorrow so it should help with the odd feelings about being here and make the time pass faster. Really shouldn't be that bad - just hope to get out and see some shit without having to feel like I'm chillin in the back seat of a bumper car. Wish me luck!

Until next time....

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