Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Time Blues or Lack There Of

So if you haven't heard yet, I'll be in India this summer for work. Not necessarily the same as going to Denver, but hey... what can ya do. It's international travel and that's always cool. Just wish it was somewhere cool. They can't send me to London? I mean, can a brother go to Germany?? Nope. This brown boy is going to India. Leave at the end of May for 6 weeks and then back and forth for another 10. Let's discuss....

Our company is outsourcing our department so someone has got to go to India to train these people to learn what we do. My fear is that this is going to take a lot longer than we're anticipating - since our portion of this has taken a LOT longer than we anticipated.
But on the other hand, I will get to see some shit that I would have NEVER imagined seeing in my life. To be able to visit another country and stay for a long period of time, experiencing what they experience, seeing what they see, doing what they do is kind of exciting. I'll get to see Slum Dog Millionaire in person. Just saying. That's not racist, either. I'm brown - I can do that. I leave at the end of May so expect a "going away party" again - you know what WE do it.
Getting my passport was a nightmare. We're using an expediting service and it just makes it that much more of a hassle AND that much more expensive. It's pretty wild. I thought it was going to take an hour. Too bad it took 5. Don't even ask. And no, it's not because I'm an illegal. It's just because it's a hassle. Don't judge me.

I'll move on.

My nephew turned 21 in December. We finally got to hang out a couple of weeks ago and it was both odd and REAL fun. He came to stay on Sunday night and we spent Monday dranking like it was St Patrick's Day. I thought we was Irish. Went to Sherlocks Sunday night to watch the douche bags do their work. (I'll come back to that later.) We went to the Movie Tavern Sunday with Dav and his brother, Eric. Tankers like a champ. Stopped by Boomers on the way home for a couple. Came home for a minute and went BACK to Boomers for a couple more with B and Nathan. Stopped by Chic-Fil-A and took him to my home away from home... Mac's Tavern. That's when I realized that this nigga is DEFINITELY a professional-in-training. He's almost there... just not quite. Fool started talking gibberish at Mac's and then tried to burn my apartment down by putting foil in the microwave when we got home. I patted him on the head and went to bed. Don't judge me - this fool had to work the next morning.

Speaking of douche bags, what the hell is the deal with all of them buying clothes from the same sparkly shirt store? Why does everything have to be so shiny?? I went to Sherlocks the other day and after I looked around, I thought they bought a mirror ball for the bar. I mean, there was so much spiky hair in the place, I thought Aqua Net was sponsoring a reunion tour. So many dragons, I thought it was the Japanese New Year. So many wallet chains, I thought Rhianna was doing her "S&M" video shoot. Of course, all I could do was sit in my chair and make fun of everyone. It's what I do. Don't judge me.

Got a new phone finally. It's the new Windows 7 phone from LG. In the commercial, they claim it's the phone that "saves you from your phone". What they DON'T tell you is that it's the phone that saves you from watching what the fuck you're doing because you're ALWAYS ON YOUR PHONE! I've run into so much shit, ridden the elevator to so many unnecessary floors, looked like a HUGE nerd sitting at a table by myself staring at my phone, it's ridiculous. It's so bad ass, though. I can do everything! The only crappy part is that the battery life on it sucks anus. Maybe because I spend so much time texting/googling/playing Spell it/playing Speed, that the fucker can't keep up. I have to keep my charger in the car just in case. But hey, it's saving me from myself... so it says. Don't judge me.

BIG congrats to Sarah and Jason who tied the not a couple of weeks ago. Pretty awesome wedding. We kind of took over the whole thing and I was bartending for a minute. Yes, we only had beer and margaritas, but I was slanging like Sam Malone. Don't judge me.

Life's been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. Mostly good, but a couple of trying times for my friends and I. It's sometimes hard to look on the bright side of life, but Faith has never failed me before and I'm not going to stop believing now. It always gets better. And I mean ALWAYS. For those folks who don't always believe that, I have to believe even harder. So I will. If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31) With the devil trying HARD to get to an especially close friend, I know that my Faith can carry us both so I will continue to pray, continue to be that positive light and hope that he can see it soon. God has never let me down, so I won't ever let him down.

You know with this trip coming up, my blog will be my out there - especially since I won't be able to text you folks everything I'm seeing. So expect a lot more of these and a LOT of pics. I've been slacking lately but it's because I don't know how to balance my time between work, cleaning my apartment, Sherlocks, Mac's, Boomer Jacks, Champps, and Aspen Creek.... Don't judge me.

Until next time...

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